Legacy Lopez
Infant & Teacher
All Holli-Hills staff meet and exceed the annual training requirements of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services including, but not limited to, SIDS, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Early Brain Development, Infant, Child, and Adult CPR and First Aid, Child Abuse Awareness, Teacher and Child Interaction, Positive Guidance and Discipline, Developmentally Appropriate Activities, Developmental Stages of Children, Universal Precautions & Bloodborne Pathogens, and many more.  All staff members are required to pass an FBI fingerprint background check, in addition to DPS and Central Registry checks.  All staff members are required to have prior experience in a child care setting and/or 24 hours of pre-service training, in addition to a high school diploma or GED.
Jaquelyn Martinez
Preschool Teacher
Jesilyn Mendoza
Preschool Teacher
Kyndal Ezell
Toddler Teacher


Angie DeLeon
Toddler Teacher
Stefany Ashton-Flowers
Juliana Martinez
Toddler Teacher
Kristine Nino
Assistant Director